You keep me fed

Old wounds becoming well mended, 

pussy flowing - the juices are endless,

Rivers are floodin no one gets me wetter ,

Tender ho shit what could be better

I carve the rhymes in your back,

Sharp with my nails like shooting stars when you laugh,

You keep me on the edge,

Sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes the bed,

Jaani I say you keep me fed 

I'd lose more than these sheets if you ever left 

I hope it turns you on when I speak so direct

Your love id never neglect 

This fuck I'd never regret .

You can be my video honey let me be your vixen

Feminine masculinity let's keep it mixin 

On top, below, we tradin places on binaries 

I wonder what you're thinkin when you bite on me

Are you contemplating your escape or our future? Your dreams?

Or how we're gunna break these wrist restraints by their seems

Another erotic  poem, I must -yes 

You are the muse I dreamt of I must confess 

I can't deny I'm addicted to your sex

I wanna know what you talk to yourself about

When no ones there to judge and doubt

Tell me about it when I'm down here 

Because your arousal is makin it clear 

That something more than this passion is making you fear .

I wanna hear the water hitting you in the shower

Let me turn up the trey songz cuz I hear you gettin louder 

Poets artists song enthusiast lovers 

We can vibe in and out the covers 

This is a lust I never dreamed of 

One that requires I bleed love

Well take it all you have my consent 

Just promise me we'll always stay floating in the present 

Saara W. Majid