Two toned

Two toned it's like I'm too zoned too froze in time realize I am too old to legitimize the inequalities placed on my body as a commodity of fetishized appreciation which is depreciating my soul's innate creation of words to push through concrete like these roses on my chest I am blessed to breath through, but are you possessed or just see thru, because I magnify your insecurities and accept that my ingenuity is never wrong in judgement but please don't fuck shit you can't unfuck, don't love quick then cry you can't unlove..selfies are self pleasing to me because I can look in from the outside, count the hairs and the freckles I did try, to cover with this fake up and concealer, so that I may hide my realer, appear to feel her, even if I sometimes feel him, so I settle into "they" meaning I and yourself making we..and all this time I've just been trying to be me... 

Saara W. Majid