Line up of the exes

All I got are these broken clocks 

Gasping my heart stops

Feelin myself tick on each tock 

Movin so slow I can’t mouth ‘stop’

Safe word unavailble I’m caught

Your sins will always catch up

The jury made up of your past, fuck

Witnesses take the stand, I’m stuck

They spit and yell ‘you left us behind’

‘Did you really think we wouldn’t find’

There’s voldemort then there’s the one who never trusted 

There’s the safe guy and the one that skipped the condom when he busted 

There’s the first femme and the last addict 

There’s the compulsive one with the obsessive control habits

All lined up to speak 

All hoping I’m charged with failure to complete 

Guilty of 1st degree autonomy 

6 months for the thought of wanting to be free

Split with 2 yrs probation for soul robbery 

3 extra fines for tryin to stop the one who still follows me

But I ain’t got the time 

I am just fine 

I made bail long ago

I made peace long before 

Being called to defend myself

Yeah I been survivin on the stealth

Found myself a home, a family 

Found myself peace through islamic blasphemy

I hold this whole life in contempt

How dare any of u think I’d come back content

As if we didn’t part for a reason

As if victim blaming wasn’t enough treason

Ain’t no sin sweeter than hanging your abuser right after smokin that OG refer

So line up, pick your size, check your width 

Cuz this time you got no option to acquit

Saara W. Majid