South Asian Queer and Trans visual performance or dance, poetry, song, and other actions of resistance.

20+ person show, for two nights, stage make up completed in 3 hours each night (with assistant Winta Hailu).


#IfCitiesCouldDance #WomenDancers #Seattle “When Angel Alviar-Langley (Moonyeka) was growing up, she didn’t see many women of color at Seattle dance battles.“

Make up for Angel completed in 90 min 3 hours prior to video shoot filmed September 22nd 2018, aired Apr 16th 2019.

“Bad Theology” (2018) A choreo-poem about faith and surviving intimate partner violence as a Black transgender person. Featuring original poetry by J Mase III and choreography by Randy Ford.

Make-up for both Randy (90min) and Mase (30min) by Saara Majid based on director preferences. Filmed May 28th - premiered Nov 20th.


4 looks completed during different phases of a live show May 17th & 18th 2019.