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Thank you for inquiring about meal prep! I love cooking. Cooking is a pass time and a stress reliever for me after a long day, but I understand that is not the case for many others - especially when you are busy, or lack interest, or have health conditions that keep you from ingesting what you really want.

I hope my cooking will bring you sustenance without the shame, filling meals without the back breaking fees, and most of all, happy that you have a food resource that makes safe consumption easier. All meals are priced at sliding scale and meant for one person. But you can anticipate some leftovers, depending on how you portion.

Sliding scale prices are listed below, by stating the minimum to the left of an addition sign. Fixed costs include delivery fees and Tupperware, and are listed to the right of the addition sign. Reusable Tupperware fee is a one time thing! And you are responsible for dishwashing them. Otherwise you can pay a reoccurring, disposable Tupperware fee. Whichever is more convenient, this is a judgment free meal service :)

**If you realize costs below are way below your average spending limit, keep the social justice spirit alive - make a donation towards someone else’s meals who might be penny pinching to get this service.**

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Name and PRONOUNS (no last name)
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Phone number
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I CONSENT to payment by Friday 3pm and Sunday night deliveries between 6-8pm: *
If I cannot make a payment in time or I need to access donation funds, I will give notice by Wednesday for assistance.
I would be interested in a meal plan for $10-$15 a week on weeks I don't need food?
Sliding Scale: Weekly (3 fresh meals) $35+ + Fixed costs: +15 for one time Tupperware fee (you do the dishes) OR +10 disposable Tupperware fee PER delivery +$10 delivery fee PER delivery + Any donation (help someone else afford their meals)
ADD your numbers in the box below so I can understand, there is no wrong answer or combination. *Weekly minimum of $35 + *Delivery fee of $10 * Tupperware fees * If you decide to make a donation (not mandatory but encouraged).