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سارہ ماجد

I have begun accepting my name. For the way it should have been spelled all along. The spelling on my birth certificate: "Sarah" - a longing to be normalized but not too American, "you should be able to say it in Urdu, you know?" This is how I imagine my mother thinking. I now spell Saara. The literal translation to "Saara" in Urdu is: "all of it." So this "whole", this "everything", is what I am hungry for.

I am femme queerdo that is also disabled, trans, Muslim, and a person of color. I am a quad-lingual social activist who co-founded the LGBTQI Muslim Organization Noor. I have been featured on Buzzfeed, KUOW, was an interviewee for Mirror Memoirs, donated art for other API QT folx such as Ice Cream Thursdae at Central District Ice Cream Company, and the annual WOC Luncheon for the University of Washington. I have taught workshops at North Seattle Community, Bellevue College, Highline Community College and other organizations such as YWE and MASGD.

I commit to my community this promise: I will work every day that my body and mind are able to absorb anti oppressive knowledge. I will be an accomplice, not just an ally. I believe that we each have a responsibility to do the best we can for ourselves and others in our community within our capacity and learn to effectively communicate our barriers and boundaries simultaneously. I commit to my community to never stop paying attention.

Portrait of Saara by Raychelle Duazo - @bombchelle on instagram

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Pronouns: they/queen/sahib/your majesty

Gender Identity: Femmeboi Godess